Friday, June 6, 2014

Waterfalls and hiking wow!

Dear Robin,

Wow!  What a wonderful day exploring parks and my camera with you.  Today the lesson for the camera was the second corner of the "triangle of light" as you call it.  Last time we worked with just speed of the camera.  This time we worked with ISO and the speed of the camera.  What a difference it made on the lighting by just changing the ISO.  I can't wait until I learn the third corner of the "triangle of light". 

ISO 100, speed 1/200
ISO 200/speed 1/200
ISO 400/speed 1/200
ISO 800/speed 1/200

ISO 1600/speed 1/200

It also help to have a wonderful park (Minneopa Park in Mankato, MN) to explore. 
ISO 200/speed 1/200
ISO 400/speed 1/200
ISO 800/speed 1/250
ISO 800/speed 1/320

manual ISO 800/speed 1/160/F9


Being so close to the  base of the waterfall with it's white sandy shoreline (from the limestone wall etchings) was like being on a tropical island.  So beautiful of a park and the limestone rock wall with it's covering of etchings and moss made me feel like I was in fairyland looking up to the world.  Can't wait to explore when  it's not raining so we can work on composition and angles to show the fairy's viewpoint.  Thanks for a wonderful day and I'm glad we pick this park.


Danny Britts-Osterlund
Your student

Fully automated ISO 800/speed 1/200/ F8

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  1. Well done Danny! I can see the improvement. This shoot was not an easy one - wet and overcast are always a challenge. This has been my favorite park so far too. I agree, the "walls and falls" were enchanting. Hopefully I can get the informational post out there tomorrow.